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01. Can I benefit from taking Pre if I don’t lift weights?

Yes! Pre was designed to be a true nutritional supplement that enhances all forms of physical activity; from Crossfit to bodybuilding, running, swimming, cycling, tennis, and everything in between.


02. Why is there no caffeine?

We have a motto - Leave the Caffeine in the Coffee! We love our coffee but almost every pre-workout product on the market is loaded with caffeine. Many times the user thinks the product is working when in reality it is the 8 shots of espresso in their pre-workout powder. We have engineered Pre to naturally rev up the bodies energy systems to create clean, sustained energy. Our sources of Royal Jelly Powder, Green Tea, and Schisandra provide a natural pick me up without the crash or dangers of more caffeine.


03. Why does my skin tingle?

Some users may experience a slight tingling sensation after consuming Pre. It is a normal effect from the ingredient Beta-Alanine. We use the most bioavailable form of Beta-Alanine, CarnoSyn®, which allows for a near instant release of the ingredient. Some people love the tingle as it let’s them know the product is taking effect.


04. Why are there no “proprietary blends”?

Our company is built on quality and transparency. We believe you should know exactly what the ingredients are and their respective dosages. No more wondering what you are actually getting with proprietary blends.


05. How long will a bottle of Pre last me?

20 servings is what we consider a one month supply. Although you can take Pre for a pick-me-up, it is designed to be taken BEFORE activity. We are certain Pre will increase your performance every time you exercise, however we cannot guarantee that it will prevent the effects of over-training.


06. Can I take this if I don't workout?

Yes, Pre may be taken for overall energy and focus. We have many people, including ourselves, who take Pre before traveling, driving to work, or just needed a boost.


07. How long ahead of time can I prepare the product?

We recommend mixing Pre with ice cold water 30-45 minutes before training to ensure your drink is as fresh as possible. If, for convenience purposes, you choose to pre-mix Pre we recommend keeping the drink refrigerated. We do not recommend consuming the drink after a 24 hour window as it may decrease the effectiveness of the product.

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