Dana LeDuc

  • Athletic Career:
  • 1971: Washington State Champion – Shot Put
  • 1970-1971: All-State, All-Northwest, All-American Tenor Sax Honors
  • 1976: NCAA Shot Put Champion – University of Texas
  • 5-Time All-American in the Shot Put
  • 6-Time Southwest Conference Shot Put Champion
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate
  • Professional Career: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • 1977-1992: University of Texas
  • 1987: Spent year in Soviet Union studying and learning the art of Strength and Conditioning
  • 1993-1994: University of Miami, FL
  • 1995-1998: Seattle Seahawks
  • 1999-2008: St. Louis Rams (Super Bowl XXXIV Champion and Super Bowl XXXVI Runner-up)
  • University of Texas Hall of Honor Inductee 1997

Coach LeDuc was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington where he showed immense promise as an-up-and-coming track and field star, finishing as state champion in 1971. Coupled with his worth ethic and incredible strength numbers, LeDuc was offered the chance to throw the Shot Put for the University of Texas in Austin. There he quickly gained national recognition by being awarded All-American honors 5 times, winning the Southwest Conference Championship 6 times, all culminating with a NCAA national championship in 1976.

After earning his BS in Physical Education, Dana remained at UT overseeing every sport program’s strength and conditioning needs for 16 years. For his athletic performance as a student, along with his tenured contribution to the University athletic program, he was inducted into the Texas Hall of Honor in 1997. His passion for strength and conditioning would continue to serve him well, as he eventually transitioned into the NFL, leading the Rams to two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl victory.

Coach LeDuc now resides with his wife Mary, and their two dogs Chooki and Louie, in Texas and Washington, depending on the time of the year. LeDuc works with the Hoquiam High School athletic program, physically preparing them for the football season and running Gray’s Harbor Football Camp alongside an annual auction every summer to benefit the program. Coach continues to speak at the university level, educating students on the history of strength training, proper technique, and effective program design. Lastly, he is in the process of developing a functional, home based fitness center in his neighborhood and is in collaboration with the creators of a youth-friendly, Olympic lifting barbell.

Dr. Wes Crisp


Dr. Wes Crisp D.O., M.S., FAAPMR Wes is a physician specializing in cutting edge sports medicine and interventional pain medicine. Before he was a physician, things were going pretty well for him - by the time he was in his late 20’s he had an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. He started from scratch and built a successful personal training company that did quite well by focusing on creative programming grounded in personalized service. Unfortunately, boredom is a curse, and one day he came home and told his wife “I’m more interested in my athletes when they’re hurt.”

After a couple glasses of wine, they decided that medical school sounded like a great idea, so they gave up a comfortable, happy life for a different adventure. After training in Missouri and Arizona at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic, he and his family settled back in Arizona where he built a successful practice focusing on the innovative treatment of sports injuries and degenerative diseases.

Outside the office he currently has professional interests in technological entrepreneurship, particularly in relation to advancing medical practice. He is married to the love of his life, Laura, who makes him look pretty bad most of the time since she’s completed 3 Ironman triathlons. Their daughter Maya is the apple of her father’s eye, and is a budding writer and artist. When not working or hanging out with his family, he enjoys golf, motorsports (and speed) of any kind, and is learning to build fine furniture

Dr. Alvin Brown

B.Sc, D.O.M.P., R.M.T., R.H.N., Cert. ACP., NLP

Alvin is the CEO and Founder of, TCHPP (The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance), a multi-disciplinary wellness and peak performance centre, focused on helping their clients achieve optimal health, peak performance and personal greatness: Mind, Body, and Soul. Alvin is also the author of, Journey to Personal Greatness: mind, body and soul – a blueprint for life balance and self-mastery.

After a long pursuit of personal greatness in the athletic arena, Alvin decided to focus his sights on his professional career. Since then, Alvin has acquired a number of professional degrees and diplomas in the area of study involving the mind, body, and soul. Optimal health, peak performance, and personal greatness, can only be had when we are in relentless pursuit of achieving balance in all three the triad of mind, body, and soul. Alvin’s passion is to help leaders, executives, managers, and those who passionately desire more from life, lead more effectively through intentional and guided strategies for personal greatness.

Will Schaub

Owner of CrossFit Aggieland4x Individual Regional Qualifier

Will is a seasoned Crossfit competitor, trainer, and entrepreneur who is passionate about quality movement, nutrition, and properly fueling your body. He has been coaching CrossFit classes and personal training since 2009, when he received his CrossFit Level 1 certification. Since then, he has continued his education by adding Crossfit Level 2 and CrossFit Olympic Lifting certifications to his arsenal.. Will has trained and consulted countless numbers of athletes and competitors towards their fitness and nutrition goals.

Originally an endurance athlete, Will earned first place in his age group during the 2007 Houston Marathon, which allowed him to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2008. Following completion of race in Boston, Will began competing in triathlons at the Sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman distances.

Will’s journey as a Crossfit competitor first started to gain traction when he competed on a team at the 2010 South Central Regionals. Since that time, he has gone on to qualify for regionals as an individual in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

More recently, Will competed at the 2013 South Central Regionals representing CrossFit Aggieland, finishing 12th place in the region. In 2014, after placing 9th in the South Central region Open Qualifier, he continued on to place 32nd overall as an individual at the South Central Regional.