February 25 2016

Learn How to Travel Like the The Too Fit Guys...What Foods, Supplements, & Gadgets We Use When Traveling

We know it can be difficult to eat healthy and stay on top of your training while on the road, at conventions, or at your mother-in-laws house. We have put together a quick video during our recent travels to Orlando to show you exactly what we use for workouts, quick and easy meals, snacks, and more.

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We know it can be difficult to eat healthy and stay on top of your training while on the road, at conventions, or at your mother-in-laws house.

We have put together a quick video during our recent travels to Orlando to show you exactly what we use for workouts, quick and easy meals, snacks, and more. We meet three times per year with our entrepreneurship group and this happened to be the first Summit of the year. Maybe we will do a video at each Summit this year to show you our latest bag of goodies.

To stop soreness in its tracks, make the investment in some compression socks. Your feet, calves, and legs will thank you. Throw them on for long travel days.

Compression Socks

If you still get sore from all the travel or after a workout, we recommend traveling with a foam roller and lacrosse ball to work out those sore muscles and tight spots.

Rumble Roller Foam Roller

Lacrosse Ball

No gym or bad hotel gym? Yeah...we've been there. You walk into the "fitness facility" only to find a treadmill and one 15 pound dumbbell. We got ya covered. We will be sending out a few on-the-go workout routines that are quick and effective to all of our Too Fit Toolbox members very soon. You can sign up for free for The Too Fit Toolbox here.

Use these tools to get the heart pumping then hit the foam roller afterwards.

Elevation Training Mask

Rogue Jump Rope

The Best Swimming Goggles You Will Ever Buy - Incite Elite Goggles

Awesome, healthy, and quick meals and snacks...keep the focus on healthy fats and proteins. 

Wild Planet Tuna

Salmon Jerky

Oatmega Bar

Macadamia Nuts

These are the supplements we use when traveling. They don't really differ from the same ones we use at home, these are just the staples.

Joint Support - Pure Synergy Bone Renewal

Multivitamin - Pure Synergy 

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Butter Blend

Decided to have a few cocktails or chose to eat some mystery meat? The charcoal will have your back. This is a staple.

Activated Coconut Charcoal

Last but not least. We've all been there...the blinds in the hotel room are closed...you wake up and think it is 6 a.m...you look at the clock and it's 9 a.m...never again with the Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake Up Light. This clock is awesome! Over a 30 minute time-span the light will gradually get brighter and brighter and reach its brightest level at your desired alarm time. No more over sleeping! Believe us, this light is really really bright...much harder to ignore than your typical alarm on your phone and much more pleasant during waking than blaring music. 

Alright folks, that pretty much covers everything in the video. Please leave any questions in the comments section. We would love to hear your feedback and any items you like to use while traveling!

Jake & Josh

February 12 2016

Cold Exposure- An Underutilized Way to Lose Weight

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Jake Huddelston, CSCS

So it’s that time of the year again – winter. It’s here and here to stay for a while, whether we like it or not (that’s anything 60 degrees and below in Texas by the way).

There are some differing opinions and mixed feelings about winter, however. Girls love it because they are allowed to wear a whole new style of dress layered with scarfs, leggings, UGG boots, knitted beanies, way too much flannel, but all the while gradually morphing into those snow-bunnies us guys love. They have dreams of snuggling up close to a fire and roasting marshmallows while listening to Christmas music play in the background, as they sip on a pumpkin spice latte from their favorite caffeine establishment.

Guys begin to salivate at the thought of shredding fresh powder, wearing blankets in the form of hoodies all day, reeling in that snow-bunny next to a fire that you made, way too much flannel, and indulging on grandma’s made-from-scratch pies all in the name of “bulking season.”

But let’s face it, girls are actually always cold. Always. They are constantly toting around extra sweaters and shawls at every restaurant, movie theatre, and continually throwing your A/C switch off in your car when you’re on the verge of sweating.

And guys, we are the ones who actually have to chop down that tree to make your fire, we’re normally footing the bill for the ski trip which rarely has fresh powder, I’m already sick of Christmas music by December 3rd, too much pie makes me feel guilty, and I swear, if I hear one more girl order a pumpkin spice latte in line at Starbucks I’m going to… I digress.

Bottom line, there are many pros and cons to the cold weather. No matter where you rest your head when it comes to the winter debate, I’m going to give you either another reason to love winter time, or maybe just not hate it quite as much.

Weight Loss

Weight loss, now here is something that majority of us want, but don’t know how to achieve and we’re willing to take pills to stave off hunger, run like rats on a treadmill, start crash diets and fads, all with great intentions, but very little results. We’re willing to go to extremes for weight loss and look for any edge we can get our hands on. Well why not try being cold for a bit?

What you first need to understand is the types of fat that we have on our bodies. The one that you know already and can see around your waist is White Adipose Tissue (white fat). The only function white fat serves is to store energy and is basically metabolically inactive, meaning that it plays no role in thermogenesis. It cannot burn its own energy, it only keeps you warm due its mass.

Then there is Brown Adipose Tissue (brown fat) which is a good kind of fat. You want more of this because it actually burns through energy, your white fat, by dispersing heat in attempt to keep your body temperature stable and keeping you from storing excess energy. Yes, that’s right, this fat is actually responsible for making you lose weight by eating up its evil step sister, white fat.

Lastly, there is Beige Adipose Tissue (beige fat) that has only recently been discovered. It acts much in the same way that brown fat does. It is also thermogenic effects and plays a role in stabilizing body temperature and fighting obesity, it only differs in locale from brown fat. See beige fat actually “resides in white fat, where they arise from external factors such as chronic cold exposure.” 1

So what’s the bottom line? Research is now showing that by exposing yourself to cold elements you can literally “brown the fat” on your body and turn your white fat into fat-burning, thermogenic, beige fat cells. Essentially, in the presence of cold, your beige fat cells burn your white fat in order to maintain your body temperature. Just as your body sweats in order to combat heat and cool yourself, it also burns energy in the form of fat in order to warm you and keep your core temperature at a comfortable level.

Make no mistake, in order to lose a significant amount of body fat and to keep it off, one must make some noteworthy changes in diet and lifestyle. Consider cold exposure as only a supplement to fat loss, not as replacement to eating healthy, whole foods, and starting a consistent, intense exercise routine.

However, this is just one “hack,” if you will, in order to lose a few extra pounds, slim down right before a competition or beach season, or you’re attempting to knock the last few stubborn percentage points off your body fat percentage and finally hit that illustrious 10%.

See, in our society, we have made it virtually impossible to actually be voluntarily, uncomfortably cold anymore. With heaters and fireplaces in our homes, hot water heaters, space heaters for our desks, thermal blankets, and even cars that start themselves remotely, so we don’t even have to wait in their cold shell while the heater begins its work! We just go from one warm place to another.

Some have said this has been a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in America. Basically, winter does not come around anymore. We do not have to hunt, eat, sleep, and live in these harsh or even mildly uncomfortable conditions anymore. We never even give our bodies the chance to burn the fat on ourselves in this fashion, because we are constantly warming ourselves.

For all the “Game of Thrones” fans out there, for all intents and purposes, our modern-day-mantra should be “winter is never coming.”

So now I have you interested in trying this whole cold exposure thing out, right? Where to start?

There are multiple step-by-step processes already made available to you, however, the most complete and effective method in my research is the Cold Thermogenesis Protocol created by Dr. Jack Kruse as a part of his Leptin Rx program. You can find his full protocol here.

The idea here is a gradual, slow adaptation to the cold and increasing the intensity of your training. Just like any sort of training, you must overload and stress your system in order to see specific adaptations to your training. What I love about the Dr. Kruse model in addition to its comprehensiveness is it's self-paced nature. It allows you to become cold adapted at your own speed while avoiding overloading your body and CNS too quickly. 

*If you have any sort of medical condition, please consult your physician before starting any sort of cold thermogenesis protocol. Such quick immersion to the cold leads to elevated blood pressure and therefore is contraindicated for anyone suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Josh and I have followed our own cold exposure protocols based off our own research and self experimentation and have a few tips and tricks to aid in the process of becoming a cold-adapted ice man! If you would like to unlock access to these tools and also learn how we have cold adapted ourselves this winter, plus even more benefits to cold exposure, subscribe to the Too Fit Toolbox and continue to receive health, fitness, nutrition, and superhuman information straight to your inbox.


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January 11 2016

Best of 2015 - Gear, Gadgets, Supplements, and More...

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Too Fit Toolbox, a publication where we, The Too Fit Guys, deliver to you the latest tools, tricks, gadgets, and widgets we are implementing to optimize our lives. Due to our eclectic personalities and wide range of interests, these topics will span all things from health and fitness, nutrition, bio-hacking, social media, business, entrepreneurship, networking, technology, habits, the spiritual and religious, the wild and wacky, and all things in between!

These are all things that we personally use and can attest to. Nothing on here is paid for or sponsored, except through our own personal bank accounts. Here, you get an inside look at what The Too Fit Guys are utilizing to boost performance in every area of life.

With our First Issue rolling out in January of 2016, we thought it fitting to give you a reflective, year-in-review. We thought we could cover the things we constantly surround ourselves with: fitness, podcasts, books, documentaries, and supplementation.

Although we would love to shamelessly plug our two products which hit shelves in 2015, we chose to share lesser known supplements that you can for specific purposes. However, we encourage you to read and find out more about our all-natural pre-workout, Moxie, and all-natural recovery product Rally.

These tools are not necessarily new items that appeared on the market in 2015, but things we came across this past year that somehow bettered our lives or changed our outlook. Our hope is that they can do the same for you.

Top Fitness equipment of 2015

-RH-2 Reverse Hyper                                                                                                      Rogue RH-2

This has been called “The Fountain of Youth for Low Back Pain.” It is no joke. This machine truly allows you to reach near full hip flexion and extension, passively releasing cohesions, minor disk slips, soreness and tightness in your lumbar spine. It also acts to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings in conjunction with your low back muscles, to fortify your posterior chain; leaving you with better posture, less prone to injury, and positive overall strength gains.

-Elevation Training Mask                                                                         Elevation 2.0 Training Mask

The elevation training mask will not only take your workout looks to the next level, but elevate your workout to extremes you never knew existed. By bringing Pikes Peak to your doorstep, this training mask touts that it can provide you the same physiological benefits as if you were training at altitude. These changes would include increased VO2 max, increased hemoglobin, and increased oxygen carrying capacity to your tissues. More research would need to be conducted, but it’s our conclusion that if nothing else, this mask acts as a barbell for your lungs by constricting breathing and making your workout an all-out suckfest.

-Polar Watch & Fitness Tracker V800                                                       Polar Fitness Watch V800

The Polar V800 is a beast of a training watch.  It is water proof and will hold up to a beating.  Whether you are a professional tri-athlete or a weekend warrior, the V800 is great tool for tracking heart rate, time intervals, and even your sleep.  It also comes with the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor strap which is the most accurate way to track your heart rate during training.  One of the coolest things the V800 will do is assess your activity and the time it will take you to recover from that activity.  If you are into swimming it will even analyze your swimming style, distance, pace, strokes, and rest times.  All around the V800 is an exceptional training tool. 

Top Podcast Episodes of 2015

-Jocko Willink with Tim Ferriss                                               Four Hour Work Week - Jocko Willink

If you’re in the mood for some bone-chilling stories and life motivation then this interview is your Huckleberry. Hear how one the most elite warriors in our nation lives his daily life.  Jocko dives into the training and overseas operations of US Navy SEALs and gives you a taste of what life would be like as a leader of one of the most supreme fighting forces in the world. Listen, take notes, and listen again as you witness one of the most captivating conversations of the year.

-Ben Greenfield with Shawn Wells                            How to Know Supplement Ingredients - BGFP

Ben Greenfield is truly a genius and contains a vast wealth of knowledge in all things health, fitness, nutrition, and human optimization. He is an experienced biohacker and self-study enthusiast and does his best to learn from every guest he interviews. On this episode, Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, and CISSN, discusses the dark and dirty world of supplement manufacturing. Shawn shares with you the art of “fairy-dusting” practiced amongst many manufacturers, how much caffeine you may actually be receiving from energy supplements, how to distinguish high-quality from low-quality supplements, and how to properly store and use your precious sports nutrition supps. This podcast is eye-opening and a little unnerving. However, in starting Too Fit we have seen first-hand how some of these manufacturers operate, along with the deleterious and fictitious products they allow to be produced. This was not only a great tool for us in starting our sports nutrition business, but also for the everyday supplement user who wants to trust what he’s placing in his system.

-Dr. David Perlmutter with Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio                       Dr. Perlmutter Podcast

Dr. David Perlmutter is a world renowned neurosurgeon and author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker.  His recent research has been primarily involved with something you may have heard thrown around lately, the gut microbiome.  The “microbiome” is essentially the entire colony and world of bacteria and organisms that reside in your gut.  Dr. Perlmutter describes in great detail how the “gut brain” is what could actually be creating and influencing things such as Alzheimer’s and Autism.   Dr. Perlmutter explains why having proper gut balance is important and provides steps you can take to implement habits that can have a positive effect on not only physical health, but also mental health.

Top Books 2015

-The Art of Work by Jeff Goins                                                               The Art of Work - Jeff Goins

At an entrepreneurial conference in the summer of 2015, we had the opportunity to hear Jeff Goins speak on the process of telling your story. While clearly one of the best orators and story tellers we’ve had the chance from which to learn, Goins’s writing is even more eloquent and information filled. This book is the story of Goins’s personal journey to finding what he now coins as a “portfolio lifestyle,” where he is no longer defined by a job title, but daily lives his life doing the things that give him the most fulfillment, while earning a living through those various endeavors. He walks you through his choice to forgo the conventional route and pressures of society and dives headfirst into creating a life not defined by work, but by finding and pursing things you love and leveraging those into a life worth living. If you are stuck in life, running the rat race and want to escape, or just need some extra motivation and know-how in order to venture out on your own, “The Art of Work” is for you.

-Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell                                                                  Outliers - Malcom Gladwell

Let psychologist and the brilliant mind that is Malcom Gladwell provide you with a paradigm shift as he has done time and time again. Outliers was a book we could not put down, as Gladwell unveils the curtain on how your birthday could play a role in becoming a professional athlete, the real reasons why Bill Gates and The Beatles became such uber successes, and how extremely high IQ does not always equal a top paying job, riches, and fame. Learn the secret behind these “outliers’” success, and why others fail. Discover the truth behind the 10,000 hour rule and how to become an expert in any field. Highly recommended anyone interested in understanding your own path to success.

-Fearless by Eric Blehm                                                                                    Fearless - Eric Blehm

This is not your average Navy SEAL story. This is a heart-felt, dramatic, inspiring, funny, and true account of Navy SEAL Adam Brown. Author Eric Blehm backtracks and covers Brown’s story through the lives and accounts of friends and family. This gives the reader a true representation and raw sense of what Adam was truly like. Most commendable above all was Brown’s inclination toward adversity and self-destruction that every one of us experiences in our own way. However, on whole different level than the average human, Brown struggled with serious drug addictions, criminal offenses, being thrown out of his parents’ home, conflicts with his wife who stuck by his side, to eventually joining the SEAL teams and losing an eye, and ultimately his life. Amidst all these barriers, Brown would go on to join the most lethal and exclusive special forces team in the US, the elite of the elite: DEVGRU. If your admiration for these warriors was not already at full capacity, “Fearless” will push you over the limit and give you a new level of respect for the sacrifices of these men, but more so the uniqueness and rarity of such men in the world.

Top Documentaries of 2015

-30 for 30: Chasing Tyson                                                                    ESPN Films - Chasing Tyson

Another great production from the ESPN producers and the groundbreaking series covering legendary and sometimes controversial sports stories, 30 for 30. This documentary covers the parallel, yet very diverse lives of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, capturing how the two men professionally and personally needed one another, without realizing it. The film will leave you inspired, motivated, and craving a return to the golden era of boxing, when men were real men and actually traded blow for blow, instead of dancing around until the bell chimes. Their personal stories are both poetic and touching in the midst of this battered and bloody sport. You will want to watch this one again.

-Netflix: Making of a Murderer                                                        Episode 1 - Making of a Murderer

In the era of growing distrust for police and the legal system, this documentary is 10 part series covering one of the most enthralling and captivating true crime stories of a man once wrongly accused of a violent sexual assault, exonerated, and then quickly accused of yet another violent sexual assault resulting in the death of one young lady. This series although sympathetic to accused killer Steven Avery, shows all sides of such a highly publicized case, from the DA, defense, media, family of the victim, and family of the accused. Throughout the docuseries you are left on the edge of your seat, both physically and mentally, wondering if the man is truly innocent. Although lengthy due to covering a timespan of nearly 30 years, this watch is well worth your time for educational purposes, sheer entertainment, and will place you in spine tingling ethical dilemmas. Which would you decide if you were on the jury: guilty or innocent?

-Fed Up                                                                                                            Fed Up Movie Website

For the first time in the history of the United States, parents actually have longer projected lifespans than their children; a sad and humbling fact. “Fed Up” blows the cover on how childhood obesity became a national epidemic, how our own government has pushed back against advocates for healthier diets for children, and how the massive food and beverage companies specifically target children with sugar laden foods through emotional allure. Katie Couric coproduces and also narrates this eye-opening film as it follows a handful of overweight, junior high children and their families, documenting struggle to lose weight and keep it off.  “Fed Up” will leave you with a chomping at the bit to protect our younger generation as well as keeping a more scrutinizing eye on your own sugar intake!  

Top Supplements of 2015

-Activated Charcoal                                                                        Nature's Way Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal??? Yes, activated charcoal. Don’t worry; this is not the same charcoal you are using to grill your prime ribs. It is however, related! Charcoal has been used for years for not only cooking, but clearing toxins and chemicals from water, for cleaning around the house, and odor removal. The main difference is activated charcoal contains an additional carbon molecule, thereby increasing the surface area and porosity of the substance. Therefore, upon ingestion activated charcoal works to adsorb (allows things to cling to it) toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals from your stomach and flushes them from your system. It’s actually been used in the medical field as a detoxifying and anti-poisoning agent. We use activated charcoal for everything from those nights after eating a heavy meal such as pizza or a big greasy burger, to full-on detox. It’s also comes in the clutch after a night of social drinking. You’ll want to take 2-3 capsules a couple of hours after ingesting what you would like mitigate. You’ll feel a noticeable difference the morning after when you wake with less brain fog, less bloated, and less guilty!

-Green Vibrance Greens Powder                                                                               Green Vibrance

This isn’t one that we necessarily first stumbled upon in 2015 but since they come out with a new version and the fact that it is a staple in the routine of supplements, we figured we’d throw it in here.  Vibrant Health Green Vibrance is full of nutrients providing vitality for every cell in the body.  Green Vibrance supplies an abundance of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and vitamin D3.  It directly supports every major system in the body.  This will basically cover all of your bases.  Great while traveling when you do not have easy access to fresh vegetables.  We cannot not recommend this one enough. 

-Natural Calm: Magnesium Powder                                            Natural Calm Raspberry Lemonade

Magnesium. Many people know it plays an important role and you’re supposed to have certain levels of it to be “healthy.” Just like everyone knowing you’re supposed to eat your bananas to get your potassium. However, why is magnesium so important and why should I supplement with magnesium? Magnesium can be thought of as the off button for your nerves and thus, muscles and brain. Without magnesium, we would be in a state of high alert and constant stress – sound familiar? Natural Calm slowly introduces your body to magnesium and is a perfect drink to sip on while reading, watching TV, or whatever it is you do to prepare for bed. In a world that is highly caffeine driven, and where it seems like the “on” switch must always be…well, on; treating yourself to a nightcap of magnesium powder sets the mood for a relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep by flipping the switch for you and de-stressing your mind, body, and soul.


Strive to be Too Fit in all areas of life…

Happy New Year,


Jake and Josh