Episode 16 - Benefits of Being Barefoot, The Truth About The Shoe Industry, & Shark Tank Secrets with Xero Shoes Founder, Steven Sashen June 21 2016, 0 Comments

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We have all seen that guy: the one walking down the street, minding his own business and looking perfectly normal except for one thing, he's barefoot. He's as happy as can be trotting down the street, running and hiking, in the supermarket, at trade shows, and even on an airplane!

Steven Sashen, owner of Xero Shoes is here to tell you why you should be that guy and how you can do it in style! 

You may remember Steven and Xero Shoes from his now infamous Shark Tank episode. However, the journey of barefoot life began long before the cameras started rolling. Around 2009 Steven was returning to his roots as a sprinter, but was constantly plagued by chronic and nagging injuries, achy joints, tender knees, and sore hips. It came to the point where Steven was having to convince himself that he was having fun sprinting again, yet it was more painful than ever before. 

It was not until a friend suggested he attempt barefoot running with a group in Boulder, Colorado that he found relief from his pain. On day one of running barefoot, Steven wound up running over 3 miles! After a couple of weeks, his pain dissipated. He would later become a Masters All-American Sprinter. 

This newfound technique radically changed his life and he wanted to live barefoot as much as possible, however we know that is not always practical. So, Steven took matters into his own hands when he walked into his neighborhood Home Depot and built the closest thing to a barefoot running shoe the world has ever seen! He has since grown his "rubber and string" shoes into a multi-million dollar business. 

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, we uncover the entirety of Steven's story as well as:

  • The history of living and running barefoot
  • Health benefits of living barefoot...and social ramifications!
  • The minimalist and motion controlled shoe movement
  • Differences between minimalist shoes and Xero Shoes
  • Myths behind barefoot running and how to properly "transition" to a barefoot lifestyle
  • Details of the Shark Tank process and his personal behind the scene stories 
  • Steven's entrepreneurial mindset and various endeavors

By the end of this episode you'll be swearing off your brand name shoes and itching to embrace the barefoot lifestyle!

So kick off your shoes, literally, and allow Steven to drop some serious barefoot health knowledge on you! 

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