Episode 27 - From Mom's Basement to Malibu - Channeling Tragedy into Triumph, Stealing the Spotlight, and Earning the Day with Adam Von Rothfelder February 07 2017, 0 Comments

In this Episode: 
  • Behind the scenes of reality TV - how to know who is real and who is fake
  • How to stay true to yourself in light of success and fame
  • A deeper look at Adam's personal journey to the limelight and his tips for becoming successful, despite multiple personal setbacks
  • Why balance is the missing element in your strength training regimen.
  • What it means to "Eat Right for your Activity Type."
  • What's more useful for reaching your goals: intensity or intentionality?
  • The only 3 lifts Adam utilizes to build strength and muscle
  • Why you should develop hanging strength in addition to overhead strength
  • The difference between being flexible and being mobile is greater than you know
  • Plus...Adam's secret for delivering a knockout punch!

Adam Von Rothfedler is well on his way to becoming a household name. As a premier model for Versace and the star of NBC's hit show Strong, many are becoming familiar with the muscles, tattoos, and immortal grip strength that characterize Adam's larger than lift personality. 

However, few know the real story of Adam and the path that led him to the spotlight. Oddly enough, it's a journey that seems fit for the big screen. Dealing with personal tragedy and loss, Adam was drawn to the Octagon, fighting his demons more so than the man across the mat.  

The octagon was an outlet for Adam. As it turns out, he was a natural fighter, eventually winning Milwaukee's Toughest Man Challenge, which spawned his professional fighting and modeling career, followed by a move to the big city of Los Angeles. 

This trip was short-lived, however. The decline of his father's health called Adam back home to Milwaukee, but triumph in the midst of tragedy has always defined Adam's life. Despite the career setback, this opportunity tapped into Adam's entrepreneurial spirit, opening his first gym in the heart of the city he loves. 

Long story made short, Adam is a man of many talents, forged from personal experience, that lead him to become the man you see today. His passion and thirst for life are tangible and evident. He cares deeply for your health, well-being, and wants to see you crush all your limitations. 

    We truly enjoyed meeting Adam at The Bulletproof Conference and love his passion for life, health, and helping those around him achieve their goals. He is an excellent example of someone living a Too Fit Life!

    In his words, "as a former professional fighter, I truly understand what its like to fight for what you want. And when it comes to fitness, I have dedicated my life to motivate people to fight for it too."

    To drink motivation straight from the source and connect further with Adam, hit him up on his social accounts below, sign up for his Earn The Day program when it drops, and stop by his COMO gym in Milwaukee if you're ever in town! Just don't try and go toe-to-toe with they guy. 


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