Episode 8 - Routines, Habits, and Tools to Optimize Your Life from The Too Fit Guys March 01 2016, 1 Comment

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In this episode we dive into our personal routines and habits as well as the tools we use to optimize our lives. Creating a solid morning and evening routine enables you to prioritize and execute tasks efficiently and effectively, alleviate stress, and take total control of your day.

We all know the feeling of jumping out of bed and rushing to get ready for the day or waking up and not having a clear vision as to what needs to be accomplished.

It may initially sound like quite the time investment to start and end your day with things like meditation, journaling, reading, and exercising. However, investing that time will actually save you time, alleviate stress, create a clear train of thought, and enable you to take full control of your schedule. 

We also share apps and tools we use such as notebooks for work and journaling, logging your diet, guided meditation apps, and books we are currently reading. 


Morning Apps and Tools: 

Elite HRV 

Nature Beat HRV

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

Elevate - Your Personal Brain Trainer

The Bible App

Meditation Apps:

Stop, Breathe, & Think App



Evernote App

Moleskin Notebook

Moleskin Notebook for Evernote App

Books Mentioned:

Extreme Ownership

How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Journey to Personal Greatness - Alvin Brown

Workout Tools and Apps:

Elevation Training Mask

Grip Strength Tool by Mummy Fit


As always, please leave any questions in the comments section.

We would love to hear what routines and habits you use to guide your life!

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