Episode 6 - The Complete Guide on Eating for Longevity & Performance January 21 2016, 1 Comment

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Tired of spinning your wheels with new year resolution diets that aren't sustainable? Well, in this episode we dive into the details on how you can properly eat for life by providing you exactly what foods to eat, the ratios of those foods, and how to build a plan based on your specific goals.  

We cover specific protocols such as ketosis, carb-cylcing, and carb-backloading and which type of people can benefit from each protocol. Grab a pin and paper, or just check out the show notes below, and be ready to get lean and mean after listening to this episode.

Figuring Your Macros Based on Your Goals:

Calculate BMR and Macros:


Foods to eat:

Food Pyramid & Grocery List

Food okay to eat that are non-organic

Ketosis Macros:

75% Fat

15% Protein

10% Carb

Perfect Health Protocol and Macros for Cyclic Ketosis/Carb Backloading:

65% Fat

20% Protein

15% Carb

***Main focus is to have your carbohydrates around, preferably after, your workout period.***


Gary Taubes

Good Calories Bad Calories

Why We Get Fat

Paul Jaminet

The Perfect Health Diet

John Kiefer

The Carb Nite Solution

Jimmy Moore

Keto Clarity - Benefits of a Low Carb, High Fat Diet

Megan Lacey

Carb Cycling for Women: The Breakthrough Diet for Rapid Weight Loss


Meal Tracking:

My Fitness Pal

Ketone testing:

Ketonix Breath Monitor

Amino Acid Supplement Mentioned:

Essential Amino Acids

Healthy Fats:

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Fish Oil

GHEE - Grass Fed Butter

XCT Oil for Coffee

Coconut Oil

For anyone with questions about anything in the show notes or podcast please leave a message in the comments.  

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