Episode 4 - Life Lessons from Recon Marines December 03 2015, 1 Comment

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In this episode we chat with Dustin and Aaron, two Recon Marine veterans.  We dive into their experiences while serving our country and lessons they learned along the way.  

We discuss how you can take responsibility for protecting yourself as well as those around you, including styles of self-defense as well as noteworthy books.

To quote Aaron and give you a sneak peak into some of the motivation and rules to live by sprinkled throughout this episode.

"Safety isn't a place, it is a mindset and a lifestyle. Be vigilant." - Aaron

Show Notes: 

What is a Recon Marine?

The Raider Project:



Donate to the Raider Project here:  


Check out “Generation Kill” below:

HBO Mini-Series

The Book on Amazon

The Original Article by Evan Wright

What is Blackwater Security Firm?

Check out Rudy Reyes:





Defending Yourself:

Krav Maga

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Books and Documentaries Mentioned:

Restrepo - 2010 Sundace Film Festival Documentary of the Year -http://restrepothemovie.com/

The Path of Danger

The Gift of Fear

Protecting the Gift


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