Episode 2 - Dr. Alvin Brown on Paving Your Path to Personal Greatness November 13 2015, 0 Comments

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Alvin is the CEO and Founder of, TCHPP (The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance), a multi-disciplinary wellness and peak performance center, focused on helping their clients achieve optimal health, peak performance and personal greatness: mind, body, and soul. Alvin is also the author of, Journey to Personal Greatness: Mind, Body, and Soul – a blueprint for life balance and self-mastery.

In this episode we dive deeper into Alvin's triad of mind, body, and soul and cover nutrition, detox, your gut microbiome, and recovering from injury. Alvin walks us through his team's ground breaking method of treating patients with chronic pain. Lastly, he gives us insight and tips to bring your mind, body, and soul into a unified, unstoppable force.

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Website: TCHPP

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Twitter: @selfmastery

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YouTube: TCHPP

Book: Journey to Personal Greatness

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