Episode 13 - Andy Hnilo on Resilience, Entrepreneurship, & Having the Best Skin of Your Life April 20 2016, 0 Comments

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Meet Andy Hnilo. Even if you haven't actually met the man, you probably recognize his rugged jaw line.

Andy was born with competitor's blood running through his veins, which eventually led him to play baseball at UC Berkeley. This competitive lifestyle and mindset would later serve him well in life and in business. 

Once his baseball career ended he found himself in front of the camera as a model for Oakley, Coppertone, and Speedo. Andy has had appearances on shows such as Days of our Lives and HBO's Hello Ladies. 

A tragic accident left with him several broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken jaw, a severe gash on his chin, and a whole host of other problems that come with being hit by one truck and run over by another SUV! 

That accident changed Andy's life and career forever. Being a self-taught supplement and nutrition expert, he focused all of his effort on creating a facial mask that helped restore, rejuvenate, and accelerate his healing process in the most natural fashion possible. 

The outcome was his all-natural, superior sourced Alitura Naturals. Are you intrigued yet?! 

In this episode we chat with Andy about: 

  • His incredible personal story and the birth of Alitura Naturals

  • Protecting your brand

  • Owning bad reviews and turning them into something positive 

  • The highs and lows of owning a growing business

  • Nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit and how to never lose that fire

  • Self-education versus the standard higher education

  • Growing your business and taking steps to reach the next echelon

  • His personal routines to stay looking 22 years young

..... and of course just a ton of other good bull too long to list!

This conversation with Andy was exhilarating, motivating, and gave us a healthy dose of the goosebumps because our messages are very similar in terms of our passion to positively affect others through our companies. 

Get ready to gain a new perspective on your own life and business and let Andy's passion and love for his work overflow into all areas of your life. Lastly, try out the line of his superior products and find out more about the man that is Andy Hnilo with the links below. 


Links and Mentions:

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The Man: @andyhnilo

andy@alituranaturals.com - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram      

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