Episode 12 - Shahin Naghavi: The Poorest, Rich Man You Will Ever Meet April 12 2016, 0 Comments

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Meet Shahin Naghavi: a chronic entrepreneur (seriously, he has a problem!), real estate mogul, venture capitalist, owner of the largest Crossfit gym in Texas, and creator of arguably one of the most successful fitness models to date. All this and more has made Shahin the self-proclaimed "poorest, rich man you will ever meet." 

After every encounter with Shahin, we leave with more inspiration, motivation, and new ideas. We start to ask more from ourselves. We begin wondering, future-seeking, and asking "what if" a whole lot more. It's as if he taps into the entrepreneurial spirit in us all. 

And we believe this conversation with Shahin will have the same effect on you!

In this leisurely, yet perceptive conversation with Shahin we cover plenty of ground including: 

  • Shahin's personal journey as an entrepreneur

  • His creative process that keeps him ahead of the competition

  • How he cultivates a company culture that acts as "a bar without the alcohol"

  • Balancing managing his business versus his business managing him

  • How to properly and effectively use intuition as a tool in business and life

  • The future of Crossfit and what this means for box owners

  • The sport of Crossfit's trickle down effect on affiliates

  • And the ONE thing Shahin does differently than everyone else in the world!

He is a man with many layers and we were lucky enough to spend some time deconstructing the man that is Shahin Naghavi. Swing by and see him at Texas Strength, Crossfit EADO, Madison Fine Properties, or connect with him at any of the links below! Enjoy!

Links and Mentions:

Email the biz: info@crossfiteado.com or info@texasstrength.com 

Email the man: Shahin@crossfiteado.com or Shahin@texasstrength.com

Facebook: Shahin  Crossfit EADO  Texas Strength  Madison Fine Properties

Twitter: @CrossfitEADO   @TexasStrength   

Instagram: @crossfiteado  @texstrength  @madisonfineproperties

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