Episode 11 - Elizabeth McCourt on Leadership, Fear, & Why You Should Spill Your Secrets April 06 2016, 0 Comments

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Lawyer, executive coach, professional speaker, blogger, Team Betty Ironman athlete, TEDx presenter, entrepreneur, published author, On Wall Street contributor and Recruiter, avid Toastmaster, and extremely early riser! All these and more make up one of our favorite guests thus far: Elizabeth McCourt. 

Elizabeth owns and operates McCourt Leadership Group. She consults, coaches, and advises high-performing executives along with their teams, with a focus on exectuive athletes. In her own words, "If elite athletes have coaches to improve their performance, why not take this approach to business?"

Elizabeth has recently received even more notoriety for her TEDx talk titled Why You Should Spill Your Secretswhere she describes the relieving process of releasing a lingering secret in her life, and explains all the physical, mental, and emotional reasons why you should do the same.

We expand on this concept in our interview, however this conversation is honestly as far-reaching and diverse as they come! We cover topics including:

  • how to become more emotionally intelligent

  • how to conquer writer's block

  • gaining more self-confidence

  • the most sought-after leadership qualities

  • avoiding the snooze button trap

  • dealing with horrible bosses

  • what your facial features say about you. 

So get ready to take your leadership skills to the next level, unlock new motivation to jolt out of bed and tackle the day, and learn the secrets to becoming an amazing, proficient speaker! Or if nothing else, after realizing how accomplished and amazing Elizabeth is, you'll be left wondering what the hell you've been doing with your life. That should be motivation enough!

*Required upon listening: You must share one secret that you have been holding with one other person. Then share your experience with us and Elizabeth below or on our social media. We'd love to hear your story!

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