Episode 10 - Training for The Special Forces with Wes Kennedy March 29 2016, 0 Comments

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a member of the world's elite? Not just what the process looks like, but the actual work, blood, sweat, tears, and physical turmoil required to infiltrate such a team? 

Meet Wes Kennedy, resident expert on all things Special Forces and transforming mere mortals into super human, tactical, elite, physical specimens ready to conquer the world's deepest, darkest missions.

Wes spent 8 years in the Canadian Forces, 5 of those as a Special Forces Operator. Now as the CEO and founder of Elite Training Programs, he prepares Special Forces candidates mentally and physically for selection into their respective SF school. Wes also works with para-military, police and fire, Crossfit athletes, and everyday Joes.

In his own words, "As I train people for physical performance goals, I incorporate aspects of assessment, nutrition coaching, stress management and lifestyle practices, as well as individualized program design so that each athlete experiences much more than just great fitness results.”

In this episode Wes uncovers all aspects of prepping for selection including training protocols, nutrition, and the mentality required. Wes shares what the tactical training community has historically done wrong and how to fix it. We also discuss Crossfit’s role in the tactical fitness space and he answers rumors about steroids in the SF community.

So grab your ruck sack, lace up your combat boots, throw in your head phones and learn how to become a more tactical version of yourself on this episode of The Too Fit Podcast with guest, Wes Kennedy.

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