Episode 9 - Beat-Active: Forget Results, Enjoy the Moment with Founder Jarron Vosburg March 15 2016, 0 Comments

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“Forget Results. Enjoy the Moment.” That is the mantra behind the revolutionary fitness movement created by today’s guest, Jarron Vosburg. Beat-Active is fundamentally changing not only the way people exercise, but how they view exercise.

In his own words, “Beatactive designs an audio workout experience, fusing vocal guidance, custom programming, and powerful electronic soundtracks.” Jarron has been working with not only the largest DJ’s in the electronic music scene, but also with physicists, mathematicians, and strength and conditioning specialists to systematically coordinate the physical movements of the exercise routine with the architecture of the music.

All you need for a session of Beat-Active is their app, headphones, a little bit of space, and approximately 20 minutes. Oh, and the right mindset: forget everything around you. Forget about sets, reps, calculating weight percentages, gym memberships, combating weather and traffic associated with the gym, etc. All you have to do is press play, follow the guided movement instructions, and… enjoy the moment.

In this episode we provide you with access to Jarron’s background and the story of how Beat-Active came to fruition. We discuss the future of the fitness industry, how to connect with people that seem out of your reach, the challenges and struggles entrepreneurs face every day, and how Jarron has overcome his largest obstacles.

At this time Beat-Active is set for launch in April of 2016, but if you would like to try the free beta-test workout, visit Beat-Active to begin your audio workout experience.

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